Today I had to let you go. I have never cried this much in my entire life. For 14years you have brought me so much joy. ☀️ From the moment I picked you up in New York until today, so much happiness and comfort. You have lived in NY, LA and Sthlm. You traveled everywhere with me. ( I think you are one of very few dogs that has actually been to Disney World and seen a broadway show) When I was very sick and low you made it better, when my life was amazing you made it better. You made every moment better. I love you forever. I will see you again some day. ❤️
Sometimes you don’t have to search to find a rainbow, it will simply appear when time is just right. 🙏🏼🌈 #rainbow#faith#spring#calm
🌷Today I will not stress over things I can’t control. 🌷#takecareofeachother
A picture from my book: When bullying was at its worst. I remember this day, I had so many questions, never answered. But I knew it was my fault, I knew it was me. It had to. Because I was the one who had to switch schools, not them. The kids who made my everyday life a living hell. They stayed and life went on. But here I was, broken. 7 years old. #duärutbytbar#book#duärinteutbytbar#bullied#school#neveralone @bris116111 @stiftelsenfriends @mindsverige @lavaforlag